Ammouliani, the small island that has tourism on a daily basis 20 times its population!

Ammouliani island in Halkidiki (Macedonia Greece)

Ammouliani, the small island that has tourism on a daily basis 20 times its population!

This summer, the island of Ammouliani, on the third leg of Halkidiki, sets a record number of visitors from every corner of the planet. An island in the bay of Mount Athos, opposite Trypiti, with an area of ​​only 4,5 square kilometers and with approximately 500 permanent residents in the winter, now “sees” 8.000 – 10.000 visitors passing through the beaches and narrow streets of the settlement every day.

Ammouliani, the only inhabited island in Central Macedonia, is at the zenith of its potential in August, however the optimistic messages for the course of the current tourist season were seen early on, since both in June and July the occupancy of the accommodation and at the campsite they were quite large.

beaches in Ammouliani island (Halkidiki)

A tiny island paradise off the coast of Halkidiki

The president of the Development Association of Ammouliani, Nikitas Martygakis, with his statements on the radio station of the APE – MEP “Agency 104,9Fm” estimated that the numbers of 2019 will definitely be exceeded, as the period will drag on until the end of autumn. After all, the bookings from foreign tourists for both September and October are already at very good levels.

beaches in Ammouliani

Americans for the first time on the island this year

The remarkable thing is that this year for the first time they made their appearance on the island of Ammouliani for vacations and American tourists. “In July, for the first time, we saw Americans who chose us for vacations in combination with other destinations in our country,” added the president of the Ammouliani Development Association. The main bookings on the island are from Balkans, with Romanians in the last two years recording high numbers of overnight stays, as well as from Germans, French, English and Italians who make sure to book weekly or ten-day accommodation packages. “From the most distant destinations, we recorded tourists from Mexico, Australia, while we had a few from China who spent a fortnight on our island, combining it with other Greek regions”, added Mr. Martygakis.

Location of Ammouliani Island (Halkidiki GREECE)

New infrastructures are planned to lift the tourist “load” “The infrastructure on the island was designed in other times for a different number of inhabitants. They were built to serve the permanent residents who did not exceed 500 and now Ammouliani together with the daily visitors who arrive by cruises, boats and ferries reach at least 8.000”, said the mayor Aristoteli, speaking to “Agency 104,9Fm” Stelios Valianos. Mr. Valianos referred to the creation of the new port of the island with a completion horizon of 2025 as the project of upgrading the port facilities of Ammouliani with the parallel operation of a shelter for tourist boats has been included in the Recovery Fund with two million euros. At the same time, the replacement of the entire central water supply pipe, 1400 meters long, is being completed from own resources, which will provide a solution to a chronic problem of the island, while in a few days the upgrade of the biological plant with a sewage plant will be auctioned.

beaches in Ammouliani

Also, in the near future, the renovation and reuse of a historic building – the Kalogeriki Club – will be auctioned to become a cultural multi-site, at the end of September extensive asphalt paving will begin on the internal road network, while the central road axis has already been auctioned, which apart from agricultural properties connects the settlement with the busy beach of Alykes.

The perfect blue beach Ammouliani Chalkidiki

Video on Ammouliani island in Hakidiki

Finally, the study for the renovation and reuse of the historic building of Arsana has also begun. “We need to take care of our infrastructure to help the natural beauty that history has given us, while not stopping the island’s promotion movements”, concludes Mr. Valianos.

Ammouliani Island

Ferry Boat to Ammouliani: the Ammouliani – Trypiti and Trypiti – Ammouliani ferry routes operate daily. The journey takes 10 – 15 minutes.

The Ammouliani – Trypiti and Trypiti – Ammouliani ferry boat

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