HALKIDIKI – a unique holiday experience in Greece

HALKIDIKI - holiday tips for Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki has a shore of about 500 kilometers in length which offers countless superb beaches and almost all of them are awarded as blue flag winners. Wherever you decide to spend your holiday in Halkidiki, it’s certain you will admire the area’s beauty and character. Halkidiki’s amazing landscape, its traditional villages and the welcoming hospitality of the locals will offer a truly unique and unforgettable holiday

HALKIDIKI is a breathtaking combination of blue and green

Cosmopolitan Kassandra

Kassándra is one of Greece’s most modern tourist vacation resorts, offers large luxurious hotel complexes with high quality amenities, such as golf courses, marinas and SPAs. It’s home to some of Greece’s best known beach bars. Keep a note of these places: Kallithéa, Hanióti, Floyitá, Áthytos, Kryopiyi, Sáni, Potidea, Polýhrono, Pefkohóri, Síviri, Palioúri, Posídi! If you need a bit of peace and quiet hop in a car and discover some of the area’s untouched beaches. For night life lovers its good to note that the Kallithéa area is home to some of the biggest and best bars in Greece

Beautiful Sithonia

The second leg of Halkidiki is Sithonía and is home of ancient city of Olynthus with its unique mosaics. The vegetation on Sithonía is very dense, its’ pine forests reach down to the beaches – a real treat for the senses, Sithonia’s beaches will surely take your breath away!

Sithonía offers plenty of campsites but you will find also superb luxurious hotel complexes. Most beaches are organised but there are plenty others too hidden and with no residential development.

Akti Kaloyriás, Spathiés, Eliá, Kavourótrypes, Lagomándra, Porto Koufó, Marmarás, Toróni, Tristiníka, Kalamítsi, Platanítsi, Armenistís, Aktí Zográfou, Órmos Panayiás, Vourvouroú and Pyrgadíkia are just a few of the unique beaches of Sithonia

Take a look at some of the beaches further east in Halkidiki too in the Ouranoúpoli area at the start of the third “leg” and don’t forget the outstanding beaches at Nea Roda and Ierissos…

Athos Peninsula

Athos Peninsula is the easternmost part of Halkidiki, a 300 kl coastline and several certified blue flag beaches makes it an ideal vacation destination in North Greece. The area reserved to the Orthodox Monastic community of Mount Athos (Agion Oros) with 20 monasteries and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1988) however it is only open to religious tourism. Mount Athos overlooks the Northern Aegean Sea. A number of areas in Mount Athos are protected as part of the European Convention Natura 2000 network


Wine Routes: walk through Halkidiki’s wine routes, visit the area’s renowned wineries next to infinite stretches of vineyards. These are mostly found on the west part of Halkidiki, in the area of Kallikrateia, Sithonia, Mount Athos (on the north slopes of Mountain Cholomontas), in Arnaia, Marathousa aand also in the areas of Panagia and Triglia. Taste excellent local wines right where they are produced accompanied by traditional local dishes.

The blessed nature of Halkidiki provides endless opportunities for dozens of outdoor activities too, to summaries some we suggest the list below:

Scuba diving: there are more than 20 locations in the region of Halkidiki that offer incredible underwater sceneries where you will have the chance to explore with the help of expert help and assistance the refreshing powers of Halkidiki waters. Crystal-clear waters, dark underwater caves, sandy seabed, or steep peaks, and amazing unique colors of water that are met only in Halkidiki area

Bicycle tour of Mount Holomontas: Mount Holomontas’ enchanting forest is the perfect escape destination for everyone that wishes to discover wildlife on a bicycle

Sea kayak in Vourvourou: go on a sea kayak tour in Vourvourou – one of the most idyllic landscapes of Halkidiki

Paragliding: Just breathtaking, its an activity that will give you the chance to admire Halkidiki from up above

Annual crossing of Dragoudeli: every October is taking place the annual crossing of Dragoudeli (known as Mt. Itamos too), an unforgettable experience. There is a choice of seven hiking trails, one bicycle route, and a horse-riding route, all terminating at the village of Parthenonas

Hiking on the footsteps of Aristotle and Halkidiki routes: the Aristotle Trail of 14km is only one of Halkidiki routes (others being Mavrobara, and Porto Koufo), experience walking on the footsteps of the great Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, on routes hidden amidst rich vegetation and nature’s aromas

Bird watching at Agios Mamas and Sani wetlands: the wetlands of Agios Mamas and Sani are the ideal choice to take a carefree rest on Halkidiki and discover the magical world of birds. An area boasting over 215 bird species (many of which are rare/endangered), you will be enchanted by the spectacle of collared pratincoles, black-winged stilts, and impressive flamingoes

Golf at Porto Carras: a luxurious golfing experience in the grounds of Porto Carras, a calm natural environment a 18 holes golf court

Boat Trips along the coastline and Ammouliani: rent a small boat to wander on the blue sea of Halkidiki and discover Drenia islets. Visit the only inhabited island of Halkidiki, Ammouliani

Off road 4×4 wheel drive adventures: explore Halkidiki’s amazing nature off the beaten track taking a 4-wheel off road trip

10 outdoor activities in Halkidiki

Wine routes of Halkidiki

61 Beaches of Mt Athos


Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in northeastern Greece and an important center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism. It is governed as an autonomous polity within the Hellenic Republic, namely the monastic community of Mount Athos under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (source: Wikipedia)

Mount Athos History


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